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Name: Jamie Byard

Location: Columbus

Date: Jul. 12, 2012

I just got back from my stay here on Saturday and I have never been more sad to leave a place. My boyfriend and I took our first vacation together here and had a truly magical trip! We stayed in the Rathbone 2 and had an amazing King size room (which Pat upgraded) that opened up into a lovely courtyard that was peaceful and secluded. We had but to cross the road and there was a beautiful salt water pool and hot tub with a nice cabana that we enjoyed numerous times! And the best part you might ask? The Staff! Dawn is a sweet local who will go out oh her way to help and is more than willing to give you the inside to New Orleans on her free time, all the staff was attentive and ready to help, the room was always cleaned without being intrusive, and Pat was more than willing to accomadate anything that was needed! It was a wonderful stay close enough to walk to the quarter, yet far enough to allow a little peace and quiet and the mansion themselves are a charming piece of New Orleans culture!

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