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Name: Betheny & Sam Baez

Location: Across the Street

Date: Oct. 31, 2012

We stayed at the “other” location from September 26-29. At check-in we were concerned with being “off-site.” But our concerns were completely unnecessary. The “other” location is simply across the street, no big deal. The room was majestic! There were a couple minor imperfections (with the room – not the service or the amenities), but these imperfections just enhanced the charm! This is not a perfect new building built with a counterfeit historic feeling – this is a truly historical building with an authentic historical feeling. Thank you to the staff for engineering our magical experience at this Bed & Breakfast. If given an opportunity, we will certainly be back! Admittedly, parking can be an issue. But ANYWHERE you go in New Orleans, has parking issues. It’s best to just shrug and make the best of it. Parking is part of the New Orleans experience. <3

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